Handmade Wood & Bamboo Sunglasses

We love wood and bamboo both materials are sustainable and lightweight but also incredibly durable and strong. Every pair of sunglasses are uniquely different due to the very nature and natural grain of each material. We love the warmth and contrast that sunglasses made from wood and bamboo provide to each outfit be it casual, smart casual or even formal wear.

Most of our sunglasses are polarized and UV400 protected, guarding your eyes from the harm of the sun's UV rays. Each pair of sunglasses is handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen/women and give a modern, stylish look.


The Process - From Nature to you!

1. Top quality bamboo is selected from our natural plantations.

Our harvesting team select only the best based on health, strength, quality and color of the bamboo.

2. Once selected, harvested and processed our craftsmen & women skillfully start the process of transforming the bamboo into the desired sheets.

The bamboo is firstly stripped, split into sections, flattened and then cut into rectangular sheets..

3. Next the design of the sunglasses is laid out onto the bamboo sheet. Then with considerable care and skill the frame is machine cut-out. We follow a similar process for the stems or the feet of the sunglasses.

4. We then assemble the sunglasses frame and stems before starting a 2-step sanding & polishing process. We sand and polish the sunglasses frame and stems first by hand then by machine to achieve a silky smooth finish.


The Outcome: Sustainable and Stylish Sunglasses at Affordable Prices!


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