Why do people fall in love with wood accessories?

March 14, 2018

Today’s market offers you the possibility of finding virtually anything and everything related to fashion and fashion accessories. Unfortunately, the fashion world has become overcrowded with mainstream accessories that look alike, losing all sense of uniqueness and style. Recently, a new fashion trend has started to rise: wood fashion. Wooden accessories and designers from all over the world have rushed to create the most unique pieces for their stores. Why wood you may ask? Well, because wood is durable, classy, expensive looking, it gives a feeling of uniqueness and it can go well with any outfit.


The connection to nature

Up until the 20th century wood was undisputedly the single greatest material. Since the ancient times, our ancestors burned wood to fight the chill and fear of the night, built houses and other structures, and crafted tools for hunting and farming. And this went on for thousands and thousands of years up until the petro-chemical industry began to slowly replace everything in our lives.

But wood still remains embedded into our soul and DNA, and we still recognize its beauty and value. Now wood has slowly “returned into fashion” and more and more unique accessories have been crafted out of this natural element. Here are a few wooden fashion accessories which you might like for yourself or to offer as a present to a loved one.


The Iconic Wood Watch

Wooden watches are the latest trend and they go well for any occasion. The Iconic wood watch stands out as a classy and elegant time-keeping accessory and can be worn by both men and women alike. With a delightful look, the watch case is build out of bamboo and is paired with a natural brown leather band.

Whether you are going out for a night of partying or simply going to work, this watch will go perfectly with your outfit. Check out The Iconic wood watch here.


My Fair Lady Wood Watch

This exquisite ladies wooden watch is both playful and practical. The gorgeous handcrafted bamboo case is suitable for any refined taste, while the 42.5 cm extra-long leather band turns this watch into a notable designer accessory. The clear and simple brown dial has a nice design and it’s easy to read.

My Fair Lady can match your outfit easily, becoming the perfect accessory for any occasion. Check out this charming wood watch here.


Reminiscence Wood Watch

Reminiscence is simply beautiful. This memorable timepiece can be used by men and women (unisex). The wooden case is build out of bamboo wood and the brown leather band fits comfortably on your hand. In addition to this, the design pattern of the dial goes great together with the three-hand movement. The Reminiscence stunning bamboo case and innovative look can match any type of outfit.

Check out Reminiscence wood watch here.


Subzero Wood Sunglasses

Another stylish and unique accessory that has started to gain popularity recently is represented by the wooden sunglasses. Subzero wood sunglasses have a sublime style and will make you look cool without having to put in any extra work. The classic square design of the glasses will boost your style, while your eyes will be protected from the UV with the help of the polarized lenses.

Check out the Subzero wood sunglasses here.


True Champion Wood Sunglasses

The classic square design of the True Champion wooden sunglasses will make you stand out in the crowd. The lenses of the sunglasses offer a UV400 protection and come in multiple colors, including brown, black or blue. In addition to this, True Champion wooden glasses come with a striking wooden case that can protect your sunglasses when you are not wearing them.

Check out the True Champion wood sunglasses here.

Wood is slowly regaining its popularity and the accessories crafted out of this beautiful material are designed to match every taste and offer your look a unique flavor. Get more innovation in your life and try an exquisite wood accessory.