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We absolutely love wood, bamboo and natural leather. They're sustainable, renewable and recyclable. They look fabulous, are warm and feel natural to wear.

Wood, bamboo and natural leather are better for our environment than plastic and metal. In fact, the more we use these natural products the better for everyone - the planet, our oceans, wildlife and people.

Our eco-friendly watches are handcrafted to perfection using a range of different wood and bamboo. They are more lightweight and comfortable than any watch you have ever worn.

"Stylish, and Elegant Wooden Watches"

Our unique timepieces are minimalist and modern in design. They suit any style be it casual, smart casual or formal. 

Feel good in the knowledge that when you buy and wear one of our watches the product you buy not only looks elegant and stylish but helps our plant.


The Process - From Nature to you!

1. Wood for our watches is sourced from old-growth forests. The trees grow in severe environments. Selection is a slow and difficult process and only the best trees are selected based on hardness, colour and grain.

2. Once selected, harvested and processed our craftsmen & women skillfully start the process of transforming the processed timber into the desired shapes and layers. Preparing them for the next step in the process.

3. With considerable care, patience and skill the pieces of wood along with the internal watch mechanisms are assembled together to create the final timepiece. All that is missing is the strap.

4. The final stage is the selection and assembling of the watch strap using either natural leather, wood or bamboo. We again select only the best leather from natural sources. The leather selected is based on our three 'S' criteria - strength, softness & style.


The Outcome: Sustainable and beautiful designed watches at affordable price!


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