The Plastic Effect & The Power Of One

It's everywhere! Plastic is a fundamental part of our daily life. It's in many of the general items we use every day from our TV, computer, phone cover to our shoes, clothing and kitchen utensils.

In 2010, about 8 million tonnes of plastic went into the World's Oceans. This shocking amount of pollution is largely due to human mismanagement and carelessness.

And unfortunately, we need to face the fact that this pollution will get worse as global production of plastic is estimated to continue rapidly increasing.

One of the biggest problems with plastic is the fact it's slow to brake-down. It pollutes the ocean creating microbial worlds called "plastispere", fish and birds not only get entangled in plastic and drown. They also consume plastic which then causes blockages and poisoning.

What can we do about it?

The answer to that is simple.

We need to change our behaviour, our supply chains and packaging.

The power of 1 means your decisions do matter!

Be conscious of the products you buy. Choose non-plastic based products first. Choose products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you do purchase a product containing plastic, be careful with how you dispose of it and where possible recycle it.

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